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Lawn Aeration in Dothan, AL

Many homeowners believe that a green lawn is a healthy lawn. It’s true that color can indicate health, but it’s also important to consider aspects of the lawn you can’t see, such as roots and soil. Soil that is compacted (or densely packed together) can prevent water and nutrients from reaching your lawn’s roots, leading to dry, thirsty grass and increased soil erosion.

Soil compaction can be difficult to spot, especially to the untrained eye. Thankfully, with TruGreen on your side, keeping every component of your lawn healthy is easier than ever. We’re proud to be your local source for professional lawn aeration in Dothan, Alabama, as well as other convenient lawn care services.

Total Lawn Health Starts with the Roots

To keep your lawn healthy, lawn aeration, also known as core aeration, is important – just like regular watering. During the aeration process, our team digs up stubborn soil plugs to promote better delivery of water, air, and essential nutrients to your lawn’s roots. This treatment is beneficial for all soil types.

Discover Your Lawn’s Unique Care Plan

Make the right choice for your lawn’s health by recruiting a team that delivers results. Since 1973, TruGreen has set the industry standard for effective, science-based lawn care. No two lawns are the same – that’s why we take a personalized approach to each client we serve, creating solutions tailored to their lawns’ unique needs.

Reach out today to schedule your TruGreen Healthy Lawn Analysis. You’ll glean insight into your lawn’s current condition and receive our specialists’ care recommendations. Rest easy knowing that all treatments we administer are backed by our TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee, which promises our team will visit your home as often as needed to ensure your lawn remains healthy.

Contact our team to learn more about lawn aeration and how it benefits your property’s grass. We proudly serve homeowners in Dothan, Alabama, and the surrounding areas.

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